Elder 20161205 – 02

Elder H2: The Left has previously said great things about General “Mad Dog”. Larry plays the audio showing the absolute hypocrisy as they now criticize the man

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Elder 20161205 – 01

Elder H1: Larry covers the awkward dinner between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. He relates the instance to the several picks that Trump is currently entertaining.

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Elder 20161202 – 03

Elder H3: Larry’s Signature Phone A Bro featuring his brother Kirk, reviews the week’s news. Meanwhile, two contestants fight for bragging rights for the weekly competition.

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Elder 20161202 – 02

Elder H2: A year ago today, terrorists attacked San Bernardino. Larry remembers that dire day with a special tribute to the victims.

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Elder 20161202 – 01

Elder H1: Steven Moore, Trump’s top economic advisor comes on the show and illustrates where he agrees and disagrees with Trump’s plan to make America Great Again.

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Elder 20161201 – 03

Elder H3: Peter J. Wallison comes on the show to refute Elizabeth Warren’s claims that Wall Street caused the housing crisis of 07 and 08.

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Elder 20161201 – 02

Elder H2: Border control testified in front of Congress. Larry cannot believe the reason they cite for not being able to do their job efficiently.

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Elder 20161201 – 01

Elder H1: : Larry covers the Carrier deal and notes that all companies in the U.S. should be receiving these incentives to do business. Not just them.

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