Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/31/2017

Robert De Niro says that (in wake of electing Trump) the country has become a comedy. And the attorney defending the Professor who allegedly assaulted some Trump supporters with a bike lock, informs Tucker Carlson that it was inspired by the Oregon attacker—except Tucker informs him that the attacker was a Bernie supporter. Larry laughs saying, “Wana get away.”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 05/31/2017

NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE: In a new interview, Hillary Clinton finds new excuses for her election loss. When will she run out of places to assign the blame? Will she at least accept SOME responsibility?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/30/2017

Alan Dershowitz says that the charges against Jared Kushner are a violation of civil liberties. And Kathy Griffin now says, “I went too far.” Larry plays her apology.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 05/30/2017

As a joke, Kathy Griffin beheads Trump on video. While the Left entertains such sick humor, Larry wonders what might have occurred had someone done this to Obama…

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 05/30/2017

Sources hint that Comey may have known Russian intelligence was false. But it didn’t prevent him from acting on it. Why? Larry connects the dots.

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