Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 04/30/2019

Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx Subpoenaed in the Jussie Smollett case. And a Study shows Increasing minimum wage, tax credits could stop over 1,200 suicides a year. Tune in for

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 04/30/2019

In our second hour broadcasting from the gorgeous Nixon Library, Larry interviews the designer of the Apollo exhibit which is currently on display. And What happened to all those predictions of economic disaster under President Donald Trump?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 04/30/2019

Tune in to hear Larry’s special broadcast from the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. Larry interviews healthcare expert, Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 04/29/2019

Did the U.S. pay North Korea $2 Million for Otto Warmbier’s Hospital Bill? Larry debates a caller about Al Sharpton. Why won’t Sharpton debate Larry?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 04/29/2019

Californians want taxes raised—as long as they’re raised on somebody else. And what’s with the white males dominating the Democrat Primary? Is this the party of diversity?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 04/29/2019

Dr. John Eastman of Chapman University Law School comes on the show to share his insight. Will there be a counter investigation now that the Russia investigation has finished?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 04/26/2019

Larry interviews Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute. We ask Sirico about the epidemic of homelessness in San Francisco. What can we do differently to diagnose the problem?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 04/25/2019

An L.A. Business Owner complains about people living on the streets in RV’s and Raw Sewage on the Streets of L.A. Cory Booker says, “I Will Have a Woman Running Mate.” Is this offensive?

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