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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 04/24/2020

Suicide, help hotline calls soar in Southern California over coronavirus anxieties
Joe Biden Talks to Al Gore, Forgets What He’s Saying and Starts Slurring His Words
Contest: Can you beat Kirk?
Contest: Phone a bro

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 04/24/2020

President Trump and Dr. Fauci disagree over whether there is sufficient testing for states to reopen
French researchers to test nicotine patches on coronavirus patients
Study: School closures are not effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus
Interview with pulmonologist: Are you more likely to contract the coronavirus because of touching or because of inhaling?
Movie Theaters Might Reopen Sooner Than Expected, but Is It Safe?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 04/24/2020

In all but 12 states, it is more profitable to stay out of work
Two-thirds of seriously ill COVID-19 patients didn’t have fever, study finds
New Research Reveals Between 12 Million and 33 Million Americans Were Infected by Coronavirus – Mortality Rate Similar to Seasonal Flu
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Beating Coronavirus Without Lockdown: ‘We’re Much Better on Offense
De Blasio Social Distancing Snitch Line Suspended After Wave Of Obscene Texts
No, Trump Did Not Tell People To ‘Inject Themselves With Disinfectant’ Or ‘Drink Bleach

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