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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/06/2020

Business groups seize on the Golden State’s nonpartisan voting rules to embrace moderate Democrats, opening divisions in the state’s dominant party.
New study by leftwing group shows why Democrats should be cautious of Biden’s national polling lead
The IRS Sent Coronavirus Relief Payments To Dead People
MSNBC Host Asks Pelosi About Biden Allegation—She Tells Him ‘I’m Not Going To Answer This Question Again
Billionaire Coca-Cola bottling heir ordered to pay sex abuse accuser, represented by Gloria Allred, $58 million

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 05/06/2020

Washington Post: Hispanics are the strongest opponents of immigration
Pelosi, Democrats and the media dismissively characterize the republican philosophy of tax cuts to stimulate the economy as “trickle down.” But who came up with the term trickle down? Hint: it wasn’t an economist.
California Dem Congressman Harley Rouda Spotted on Private Beach After Calling Keeping Public Beaches Open ‘Reckless’

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 05/06/2020

Trump haters are slamming Trump for announcing intent to disband the coronavirus task force that Trump haters claimed was a disservice.
Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint
Interview: Update on a friend who had coronavirus and was quarantined on a cruise ship.
A black Georgia man who, while jogging, was chased by two white men and shot to death. Case will go to the grand jury.
900 Missouri residents who ‘snitched’ on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after details leaked online
Sacramento Mayor Steinberg Will Order Masks Worn in Public While Homeless Still Defecate on streets
Gov. Newsom Chastises Rural California Counties for Defying Virus Order

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