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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/14/2020

Replay interview with Gloria Allred about Joe Biden and the sex assault accusation made by Tara Reade
Actress posts video of coronavirus shutdown protestors shouting at cops and asks, “What would happen if the protestors were people of color?”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 05/14/2020

Trump: Fauci ‘Wants To Play All Sides of the Equation
Illinois Dept of Public Health director: “If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death.”
Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls coronavirus shutdown protests, “Racist and Misogynistic.”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 05/14/2020

CNN downplays its own poll showing Biden leads nationwide–but Trump has a 7 point lead in battleground states
National data from this past week suggest that the U.S. is starting to experience a sustained and sharper decline in new covid19 cases after a period of extended plateau.
Coronavirus Cases in Georgia, Florida Continue to Decline Despite Business Openings
In New York, 5,300 nursing home residents have died of Covid-19. The nursing home lobby pressed for a provision that makes it hard for their families to sue.
NYU study: Drug Combo with Hydroxychloroquine Promising
Report Says John Brennan Suppressed Intel Saying Russia Wanted Hillary to Win 2016 Election
Susan Rice Declines Comment on Unmasking, Origins of Russia Probe

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