Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/30/2020

NBA to Allow Players to Replace Name on Jersey With ‘Social Justice Statement’; Lee Ohanian Column: Progressive Lawmakers Decry Racism, But Their Policies Devastate People of Color; Six Chicago children shot dead in a single week – a shrine has been set up in memory of Chicago children killed by gunfire; Thomas Sowell: An Underappreciated Scholar
Police Consider Charging Crowd Confronted By Armed St. Louis Couple With Trespassing, Intimidation

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/30/2020

CNN reporter asks WH press secretary, “Does President Trump believe the south should have lost the Civil War;” What did General Robert E. Lee say about Confederate monuments; Clarence Thomas erupts on Chief Justice Roberts in abortion case dissent; Farrakhan on July 4th? What Were They Thinking at “Fox Soul,” The University Of California Pays $1 Million Ransom Following Cyber Attack; DNC deletes tweet slamming Trump for upcoming 4th of July celebration “glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/30/2020

Hoover Institute’s Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘Fantastic News’ That We Have a Lot of Coronavirus Cases Without Rise in Death Rate;
‘Enough is enough’: Seattle police chief condemns latest shooting near ‘CHOP’ zone that killed teen; Poll: 20% of Democrats Believe Joe Biden Has ‘Some Form’ of Dementia; Black pastor in Houston says “All the killings in our community ain’t coming from white people

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/29/2020

Black Lives Matter co founder’s list of demands; Black Lives Matter fundraising handled by group with convicted terrorist on its board; 11 Shot in Under 12 Hours in NYC, Violent Attempted Rapist in Bronx Arrested

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/29/2020

In Racist Screed, NYT’s 1619 Project Founder Calls ‘White Race’ ‘Barbaric Devils,’ ‘No Different Than Hitler’; Trump fans are flocking to a new social media app called Parler; Does anybody still care about the debt and deficit?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/29/2020

Black Lives Matter activist threaten to shut down cat target store if store calls the police; Chinese government threatens to withhold food from Christians unless they renounce their religion; Activists demand that John Wayne airport be renamed

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/26/2020

Uncle Tom Trailer; Nike Reports Surprise $790 Million Loss, 46% Plunge in North American Sales; Supreme Court hands big win to Trump on expelling immigrants seeking asylum; Contests: Can You Beat Kirk and Phone a bro

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/26/2020

27 Cops Murdered in 2020 to Date, 21 Cops Murdered in 2019; Nancy Pelosi says let’s review all statues; NEW JERSEY MAIL IN BALLOTS REPORTEDLY DESTROYED IN MAIL TRUCK FIRE; YouTuber Jenna Marbles Quits After Apologizing for Blackface, Racial Slurs

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/26/2020

Black Lives Matter fundraising handled by group with convicted terrorist on its board; Texas realtor group will no longer use word “master” to describe bedrooms due to association with slavery; Seattle Businesses, Residents Sue City for “Extensive Harm” for Allowing “Autonomous Zone;” PPP Loan Deadline Approaches, With Billions Left to Be Claimed; Real Clear Politics co founder Uses COVID Oversight Report to Rip Apart Vote-By-Mail Scheme Pushed by Dems

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/25/2020

San Bernardino County Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis–what about polls showing blacks are more racist than whites and more anti-Semitic the non-black Gentiles; Hidden Cameras Show Facebook Contractors Bragging About Removing Pro-Trump Content From Platform; JoeBiden Campaign Hides Staff Diversity Data, Demands Trump Transparency

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