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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/01/2020

Why didn’t President Barack Obama, the first black president, who had back to back black attorneys general, deal with it this alleged “institutional” racism?
Are we supposed to ignore the fact that a young black man is over seven times more likely than a young white man to be a victim of a homicide, always at the hands of another young black man?
Meanwhile, over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, 10 people were shot and killed, 49 wounded. Where is Black Lives Matter when you need them?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/01/2020

What do the data say about the alleged “institutional” racism against blacks by the police?
Is media, in part, to blame for pushing the phony narrative that racism remains a major problem in America, with a particular focus on alleged anti black police brutality?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/01/2020

Protests, some violent, erupt all over the country over black suspect George Floyd, who died while in custody by the Minneapolis police. They have now been six consecutive days of protest in Minneapolis.
Former President Barack Obama issued a milk toast statement condemning the treatment of Floyd, but it included no condemnation of the protesters.
During the Obama administration, officers were killed execution style in New York, Dallas and Baton Rouge. Media did not blame Obama’s anti-cop rhetoric, but cops did.
In Minneapolis, the chief of police is black; the vice president of city Council of black; the state attorney general is black; and the district’s U.S. House member is black. So much for “institutional” racism.

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