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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/03/2020

De Blasio Demands Cop Be Fired For Pulling Gun On Crowd In Viral Video. Then The Full Video Comes Out.
Black Lives Matter activist Forces White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her “White Privilege
In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, protesters protested Jim Crow, the denial of black voting rights and the war in Vietnam. At that time, there was Jim Crow, the denial of black voting rights and the war in Vietnam. Where’s the evidence of “systemic” police abuse?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/03/2020

1619 Project’ Author Defends Looting as a ‘Symbolic Taking
Joe Biden Falsely Claims Tear Gas Was Used for President Trump’s Visit to St John’s Church
Leaked Documents: W.H.O. Knew China Withheld Coronavirus Data
Contrary to what CNN and Yamiche Alcindor reported, US Park Police say no tear gas was used on protesters Monday

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/03/2020

National Guard Activated in 28 States as Riots Continue
Is calling American looters and rioters “outsiders” supposed to make us feel better?
Small Town Police (Black) Chief Killed As Officers In 3 Cities Wounded During Violence At George Floyd Protests
Rioters Deface ‘Glory’ Monument to Black Civil War Soldiers in Boston
LA Mayor Says He Has Confidence in LAPD Chief After He ‘Misspoke’ – NBC Los Angeles
Poll: Large majorities of American voters, including a majority of Democrat supporters, back use of the National Guard to address the riots.

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