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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/11/2020

Interview: Dr. Carey B. Strom, joins the show to talk about Coronavirus; HBO MAX temporarily bans “Gone With The Wind” because of “racist stereotypes;” Flashback: Hattie McDaniel with speech from Oscars Best supporting actress for Gone with the Wind; Flashback: Sen. Joe Biden 11/18/1993–touts crime bill, says Bill has President Bill Clinton’s support; Wall St Journal: Collective bargaining protects too many bad cops from discipline; UCLA Professor Suspended After He Refused to Reschedule Final Exam for Black Protesters.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/11/2020

Stephen Moore, trump economic adviser, on the current economy; Dr. Fauci on Development of a Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘The Process Is Really on Track;’ Leaked 2015; Memo Warned Dems: Don’t Back ‘Radical’ Black Lives Matter; White woman explains how she shows she’s not racist; US economy will shrink 6.5% this year, Fed forecasts; Larry talks about Gone with the Wind supporting actress Hattie McDaniel’s Oscar experience.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/11/2020

Interview: Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal, about the steps President Trump is supposed to take to “address racism”
In Dallas, Trump to talk race relations and policing ahead of $10M fundraising dinner;” Republicans are asking Senator Tim Scott to draft proposals to deal with the racism in our society, He should decline the job; NBC Medical Contributor: “Racism Is a Public Health Issue Just as Much as Covid;” Antifa, BLM Protesters Take over Part of Seattle as ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone;’ George Floyd protesters in Virginia behead Confederate statues.

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