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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 06/25/2020

San Bernardino County Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis–what about polls showing blacks are more racist than whites and more anti-Semitic the non-black Gentiles; Hidden Cameras Show Facebook Contractors Bragging About Removing Pro-Trump Content From Platform; JoeBiden Campaign Hides Staff Diversity Data, Demands Trump Transparency

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 06/25/2020

Pew Research: Only 1-in-6 Protesters Are Black, 46 Percent Are White; Senate Democrats Block GOP’s Police Reform Bill; BET founder Robert Johnson mocks crowds pulling down statues, calls them ‘borderline anarchists; Billion dollar firm Leads mass exodus from occupied Seattle; Nearly 100 percent of Democratic college students support defunding the police: poll Strzok nails Obama and Biden as masterminds behind Flynn probe

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 06/25/2020

There are more way more bad public school teachers than there are bad cops. It takes practically an act of Congress to get a bad public school teacher fired. When can we expect the #DefundPublicEducation rallies to begin; Bubba Wallace still claims the rope was a noose; Former MLB Star Curt Schilling Deactivates Twitter After Comparing Bubba Wallace to Jussie Smollett; Pelosi’s GOP ‘Murder’ Smear Was So Despicable That Even MSNBC Reporters Are Calling Her Out; MEDIA IGNORES 90% CORONAVIRUS DEATH COLLAPSE IN COUNTRY; More reaction to “Uncle Tom”

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