Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/30/2020

Rep. Jim Jordan Calls Out Google for Supporting Dems: “In Spite of the Fact That You Did It in 2016, President Trump Still Won”
Poll: 40% of Families More Likely to Homeschool After Lockdowns End
Local CBS News Tests Voting By Mail–And Found Big Problems
ESPN Investigation Finds Coaches At NBA China Academies Complained Of Player Abuse, Lack Of Schooling
Sen. Kennedy: Joe Biden Will Not Be Strong Enough to Say ‘No’ to the Dem’s Hard Left

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/30/2020

4:20: David Horowitz, “The Blitz–Trump Will Smash The Left And Win”
Susan Rice, in the running as Joe Biden’s VP, says the Obama Admin. gave Trump a “Pandemic for Dummies” Playbook
How’s the Democrats is Bill Barr was rude at the recent hearing, was particularly disrespectful to women, brought no “people of color” with him
Tom Cotton: The 1619 Project Will Indoctrinate Our Kids To Hate America

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/30/2020

Herman Cain, who contracted the coronavirus, has died from the coronavirus at age 74
CBS News Poll: 70% Of Americans Would Wait To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Wouldn’t Get One At All
MSNBC host has combative interview with black Georgia Democrat for supporting Trump
Top Researcher, A Pro Biden Democrat, Warns Big Tech Is Stealing Election From Trump

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/29/2020

Polls Show Joe Biden Lead Slipping in Key State of Minnesota; 73% of Democratic college students support taking down statues of Founding Fathers who owned slaves: poll. Only 4% A Republican college students feel the same way; Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results; Joe Biden: I’m Going To Be the ‘Most Progressive President in American History

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/29/2020

California Pastor John McArthur: We’re the Original Protesters and We’re No Longer Closing Our Church; 87-Year-Old Korean War Veteran Finally Graduates High School After Dropping Out To Become Pilot; Man with troubled past with the police rescues cop from a burning vehicle

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/29/2020

CDC Director: There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths; Sweden did not shut down its economy – – how is it faring now; Over 100 Police Agencies Pull Out Of Agreements To Guard DNC Convention; Pence: ‘We’ve Had 188 Federal Officials Injured By Violent Protesters in Portland; Rep. Jim Jordan to AG Barr: democrats are after you because you accused the Obama Biden administration of spying on political rival Trump; AG Barr: I Do Not Agree that There Is Systemic Racism in the Police Departments, or Generally in This Country

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/28/2020

Interview with Bob Woodson: The NYTIMES 1619 Project; California School Board Faces Ire of Parents After Teacher Reveals Shocking Union backed BLM curriculum; Milwaukee Police Release Photos of Suspect in Trump Supporter Bernell Trammell’s Murder; Leo Terrell: Democrats, Media Downplaying Riots, We’re in an Apocalypse Right Now; Portland protesters shout N-word at Black DHS officers; Rabbi Slams ‘Explicit Anti-Semitic’ Content Ilhan Omar Sent Supporter

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/28/2020

Interview with Eric Early, the opponent of Adam Schiff; NYC Shootings Up 220 Percent From a Year Ago; Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Gun Control Myth; Barr to come out swinging on violent crime, Russia probe in first House Judiciary Committee appearance

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/28/2020

President Trump: ‘Operation Warp Speed Is Funding a Historic Portfolio of Highly Promising Vaccine Candidates; Dr. Fauci says he is cautiously optimistic about vaccine trials, 600,000 Mistakenly Told They’ve Had Covid: ‘I Have NOT Been Tested;’ Donald Trump criticized for not “showing respect” to the late John Lewis–never mind the horrible things Lewis said about Trump

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/28/2020

Black Lives Matter cofounder, Patrisse Cullors, in 2015 said she is “a trained Marxists;” Bernie Sanders says Biden’s going to be most progressive president since FDR; Reparations: African slaves in the Caribbean and Latin America; Cognitive test ‘aced’ by only 1 in 10, says doctor who created it; Democrat strategist: John Lewis Tributes from McConnell and Kemp “Do Not Mean a Thing;” Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Have Democrat Party Change Name Or ‘Be Barred From Participation In The House’ Due To Past Support Of Slavery, Confederacy

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