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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/09/2020

John Bolton tells MSNBC that Senior FBI Officials in Michael Flynn Case “Engaged in Very Questionable Behavior;” Are Indictments coming in Russia Collusion investigation; United Airlines Warns It May Furlough 36,000 Staff
Trump’s Approval Rating Among Republicans Drop in Poll; ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax: Oregon Political Candidate, Jonathan Lopez, Admits He Wrote Racist Letter to Himself; Selective Media Reporting Further Fuels Our Racial Divide

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/09/2020

NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks Announce They Are Standing By Their Name
Soccer coach calls kid’s T-shirt “racist.” It had American flag and said “Land Of the Free Because of the Brave;” Rapper Snoop Dogg calls Herman Cain (bachelors in science, masters in computer science) part of the “coon bunch;” NFL player apologizes for anti-Semitic posts on social media–said he didn’t know that posting the ravings of Louis Farrakhan were anti-Semitic.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/09/2020

Ford employees ask if company should stop building police vehicles; NYPD limits retirement applications amid 411% surge this week; Obama vs. Obama on racism in America; Supreme Court Says Employers Can’t Be Forced to Violate Their Pro-Life Religious Beliefs; 1619 Project Founder Nikole Hannah Jones–And Her 1995 Racist Screed Against Whites

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