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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/21/2020

Tucker: The NYT Is Going To Expose My Home Address To Terrorize Me and My Family; Kanye West is ridiculed for his passionate personal story of his opposition to abortion; Maxine Waters: These Federal Agents in Unmarked Cars Could Be People Who’ll Help Trump Resist Stepping Down if He Loses; New Associate Press guidelines: The word “black,” in describing race, will be spelled with a capital B, but not “white;” Washington football team has assigned one of its executives to lead name change process

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/21/2020

Interview: Liz Croken, entertainment reporter, who covered Trump for 10 years; Trump took tough questions from Chris Wallace – – where is Joe Biden; Trump Cuts Legal immigration by half; President Obama’s claim that “racism is part of (America’s) DNA” is a far bigger and more destructive lie than anything ever asserted by President Trump.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/21/2020

St. Louis couple who protected their homes with firearms charged with a felony; Center for American Liberty to File Lawsuit to Block Closure of CA Schools; Nicolle Wallace (MSNBC) Accuses Miami Republican Mayor Frances Suarez of “Stunning Failure to Read the News” After He Refuses to Attack Republicans and blames CDC; Head of Chicago Police Turns to President Trump for Help with “Chaos” in the City; Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot uses racial and gender slur against Kayleigh McEnany – – media yawns

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