Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/06/2020

Hill-HarrisX Poll: Biden leads Trump by 3 points nationally–Lead Was 7 Points Two Weeks Ago; Biden snaps at reporter who asked him if he’d taken a mental fitness test; Michelle Obama says “quarantine,” the “racial strife” and the “hypocrisy” of the Trump Administration are “dispiriting,” giving her “some form of low grade depression;” Over 80% of blacks want police staffing to levels to remain where they are–or want it increased.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 08/05/2020

‘Ellen’ Ratings Hit All-Time Low Last Month Amid Reports of Toxic Workplace Culture–senior producer terminated, a man Larry Elder knew and respected; California 13.3% Tax Rate May Be Raised To 16.8%…Retroactively; Joe Scarborough: “Is Trump Signalling to White Nationalists By Refusing to Praise John Lewis;” Dem Senator Hirono walks out of Ted Cruz’s Antifa hearing: refuses to denounce AntiFA; Flashback: 2012 New York Times article racist out about mail in voting

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 08/05/2020

Louisville Cuban business owner decries BLM’s ‘mafia tactics’ after letter of BLM “demands;” Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent; NBA’s Jonathan Isaac explains why, as a Christian, he wouldn’t kneel–then suffers season ending torn ACL; AOC on Green New Deal: We’ve Been Creeping Towards Getting a Majority of the Democratic Caucus on Board

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/05/2020

NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot Resigns, Sites Frustration with Mayor; De Blasio: I’m Laying off 22,000 City Workers if the Feds Don’t Give Us a Bailout; Stanford expert: Stopping COVID-19 cases is ‘not the appropriate goal;’ Huge Explosion Rocks Beirut; 78 Dead, 4000 Wounded in Possible Attack; Illinois High School Teacher Fired For Facebook Post Rejecting Idea Of ‘White Privilege;’ California District Attorneys Association Asks NFL to Pull Video Of a police shooting–even the leftwing California AG found the shooting justifiable

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 08/04/2020

Outed: Names revealed of hundreds of females who anonymously signed letter urging in NCAA not to boycott Idaho over transgender ban; Trump: “I don’t know how history will remember John Lewis, he chose not to attend my inauguration.“ Trump could’ve said worse, but didn’t; Trump, Republicans worn against mail in voting; New York residents blame Mayor de Blasio for rise in crime

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 08/04/2020

Interview with Republican opponent of Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx); Google manipulates search results to help liberals, hurt conservatives; MSNBC staffer explains why she’s leaving the “news“ organization; Joe Lockhart, former chief of staff of Bill Clinton, warns Biden not to debate Trump; Congresswoman Karen Bass, on Biden’s VP list, has long admired Fidel Castro; Rapper wants $44 trillion in reparations; Black Lives Matter activists send a letter to Louisville businesses listing five demands

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/04/2020

Footage released of George Floyd and his encounter with the police before his death; Trump: none of the experts wanted me to order travel bans on China in Europe – – but now they agree with it; Private schools are taking extensive coronavirus precautions, Maryland bureaucrats don’t care; President Trump Press Conference LIVE

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 08/03/2020

Bernie Sanders: I’ll ‘Do Everything We Can’ To Make Biden Most Progressive in History; One player in the NBA chose not to kneel; Rapper T.I. demands $44 trillion in reparations, thinks that since blacks are 13% of the population, they should own 13% of the land, be on 13% of the boards of Directors of companies

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 08/03/2020

Calif. Sheriffs Take Extreme, Racially Targeted Verbal Abuse from Anarchists; President Trump on Obama: ‘I Did Much More for Minorities than He Did; New York City has more shootings and killings in the last six months then all of 2019; Chicago mayor blames violence on guns and President Trump’s failure to pass gun control legislation

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/03/2020

CNN’s Bash to Dr. Birx: ‘Why Has the U.S. Failed So Badly’ at Handling the COVID Crisis?; Nancy Pelosi Says She Does Not Have ‘Confidence’ in Dr. Deborah Birx; Jim Jordan Grilled Dr. Fauci on Whether Protests Should Be Banned; PBS Host: Republicans’ Covid Policies Amount to ‘Mass Murder,’ ‘Genocide, It’s Mania

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