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Only Getting One Show in iTunes?

Open iTunes, go to Podcasts. Find the Elderado podcast list. Depending on the various iTunes versions, there maybe be a drop-down menu toward the bottom corner of the window called “Show…” which allows you to select which type of episodes you’d like shown on the podcast list. You may select “Unplayed/My Episodes and Saved,” “Saved Episodes,” or “Feed.” Selecting “Feed” should show the complete list of available episodes for download. Refresh the podcast, and see that the Elderado list is expanded, by clicking on the arrow next to the Larry Elder Show title to point downward. Episode titles and topic descriptions should update, with the most recent episode at the top of the list. Also, check the Settings to make sure downloading is enabled/on, and the setting to delete played episodes is “Off.” You may also adjust personal preferences. Note: iTunes often releases updates/new versions, which may affect the podcast feed. Members may have different versions, and these are only general tips. For iTunes support, please contact iTunes directly. Thank you.

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