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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/12/2018

Right-wing news responds to the Facebook purge. Peter Schweitzer talks about his documentary, “Creepy Line,” about how social media platforms manipulate what we see and read. Stephen Miller’s Third-Grade Teacher: He Was a “Loner” and Ate Glue, and Kanye West receives even more backlash. We bring you the details.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/12/2018

In a moment of truth, Chris Matthews admitted that most whites will not vote for a racist…but this flies in the face of everything MSNBC stands for on a nightly basis! What are we to make of this? Valerie Jarrett laughs at Trump over his meeting with Kanye and Michael Eric Dyson says ‘This Is White Supremacy by Ventriloquism’ in reference to Kanye. Larry has the last laugh.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/11/2018

Steven Greenhut joins Larry to share that the ‘DMV May Have Registered Non-Citizen Voters.’ Greenhut, who’s stance on immigration is mild to say the least, still gets pegged as a racist… Should we be surprised?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/11/2018

Larry interviews Kellie Fiedorek from the ADF. Fiedorek gives us an update on her current case while telling us how we can take action and stand up for our basic freedoms. Also, Larry talks about Kanye West, Chris Matthews, and more…

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/11/2018

Chris Matthews makes a serious admission about the state of racism in our country. Did anyone else catch it? Larry covers the meeting between President Trump and Kanye West. And Sebastian Gorka joins us to comment on all the latest news.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/10/2018

Kanye West is attempting to set up a meeting between Colin Kaepernick and President Trump. The Left responds by ridiculing Kanye about his lack of intelligence. By their own standard, isn’t this racist? This same tactic was used against Larry by Don Lemon.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/10/2018

Hillary Clinton says that you cannot be civil when dealing with the Republicans. Larry dissects the former First Lady’s outrageous remarks. Apparently, Hillary said something during this interview that was blatantly false…but nobody noticed… We’re here to keep it honest.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/10/2018

After Bush left office, Pelosi called him a “very lovely man,” but while he was in office she was busy accusing him of lying us into the Iraq War. Harry Reid lied about Romney’s taxes leading up to the election. Reid’s justification: Romney “didn’t win did he?” Bill Maher admitted that the Left was unfair to Bush saying, “we cried wolf,” but now he calls Trump a fascist. Larry responds.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/09/2018

Ron DeSantis was called racist once again—this time for a different reason. And Voter registrations skyrocket after Taylor Swift’s get-out-the-vote push. Larry takes calls.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/09/2018

Nikki Haley resigns with nothing but praise for the Trump Administration. The UN Ambassador and former SC Governor is proud of the achievements that she and the President were able to accomplish together.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/09/2018

Heather Mac Donald chats with Larry about the nature of the #MeeToo movement and how men are being falsely accused. If we ALWAYS believe the women, then it must result in always convicting the man.

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