Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 08/10/2020

USC student resigns from student council over anti-Semitism; Feds discover ‘sophisticated tunnel’ along US-Mexico border; House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler runs to the committee one way with favorable witnesses like Al Sharpton, another way when he doesn’t like the witness like AG Bill Barr; Collapse of Marriage and the Traditional American Family

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 08/10/2020

‘Morning Joe’ Defends Biden for Stereotyping Blacks: Point Was Right But He Spoke ‘Inartfully;’ Oprah Winfrey launches billboard campaign for justice for Louisville’s Breonna Taylor– – Body cams, at the time, not required to be turned on; Chuck Schumer Says Keeping Schools Closed Will Hurt the Economy

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/10/2020

Trump criticize from the left and from the right over his executive orders on coronavirus relief; L.A. City Councilman Voted To Slash Police Budget. LAPD Called To His Home Eight Times Since April; Portland’s Mayor to Rioters: You’ve Become ‘a Prop for the Reelection Campaign of Donald Trump; NYC Shootings So Far Have Nearly Doubled from 2019

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 08/07/2020

De Blasio splits with Cuomo: de Blasio wants to tax the rich, Cuomo opposes a new tax, thinks it will deter people from coming back to NYC; Minnesota’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Ilhan Omar Primary Challenger, Cites Omar’s “Ethical Distractions;” Contest: Can You Beat Kirk & Phone a Bro

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 08/07/2020

Trump administration offers Elder, Hewitt among their 24 debate moderator suggestions; Young black man explains why he started “hating whites” and why he has since changed his attitude; Democrats introduce bill to give the Federal Reserve a new mission: Ending racial inequality–but there is already a massive infrastructure of laws, agencies, bureaucrats and corporate policies to guard against “institutional racism”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 08/07/2020

HHS Sec. Azar: ‘Incredible Last Couple of Weeks’ in Advancements in Vaccines and Therapeutics; N.Y. AG Letitia James Announces Lawsuit Seeking to Dissolve the NRA; Biden Doubles Down: Unlike Blacks, the Latino Community Is “Fully Diverse;” 17 days of violent protests in Portland–elderly white lady trying to put out fire is harassed and taunted, called a b—h; Biden: Illegal Immigrants Who Pay Taxes Should Have Access to the Same Benefits ‘Everyone Else Has Access To

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