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Elder 20170331 – 03

Elder H3: Larry’s brother Kirk joins Larry to play PHONE A BRO and recap the week’s events with a comedic approach.

Elder 20170331 – 02

Elder H2: Three cities in CA vote to impeach Donald J. Trump. Larry covers the story.

Elder 20170331 – 01

Elder H1: Chris Hayes of MSNBC still has not called Larry back to continue the interview. Larry lists the other guests who have dodged Larry’s questions in the past.

Elder 20170330 – 03

Elder H3: April Ryan and Sean Spicer exchange blows in a press conference. You can imagine who the commentators in the media sided with. Larry plays the audio.

Elder 20170330 – 02

Elder H2: Did Evelyn Farkas confirm that the Obama Administration tapped the Trump Campaign? Larry reviews the assertion made by Farkas earlier this month and evaluates the evidence.

Elder 20170330 – 01

Elder H1: In light of his interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Larry wonders if Hayes might have opted not to continue the interview due to Larry’s hard-hitting line of questions.

Elder 20170329 – 03

Elder H3: Hillary Clinton comes to Maxine Waters’ defense against the joke made by Bill O’reilly about her hair. Larry wonders if Hillary has any right to go after O’reilly, given her past…

Elder 20170329 – 02

Elder H2: Inspired by his interview with Mr. Hayes, Larry speaks to the inconsistencies of the Leftist-Criminal reform argument.

Elder 20170329 – 01

Elder H1: Chris Hayes of MSNBC joins Larry to offer his view of the racist justice system which he outlines in his new book, A Colony in a Nation.

Elder 20170328 – 03

Elder H3: In 2007, Barack Obama railed against the Bush Administration’s NSA wire-tapping policy as he promised not to spy on innocent civilians. Larry addresses the awkward irony.

Elder 20170328 – 02

Elder H2: Larry Klayman informs Larry that President Trump was, in fact, surveilled illegally.

Elder 20170328 – 01

Elder H1: When attempting to fix healthcare, a pursuit of deregulation is the only solution. Larry explains the AMA’s monopolistic hold on the industry and how licensing harms business.

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