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Elder 20170130 – 03

Elder H3: When Omarosa goes on The View, she is grilled about being Trump’s pawn. Larry adds that he himself would go on The View if asked, but he hasn’t received such an invitation.

Elder 20170130 – 02

Elder H2: In an audio clip,Tucker Carlson confronts his guest on illegal immigration. Larry compares the border policies of both Mexico and the U.S…as you may imagine, Mexico’s laws are extremely harsh.

Elder 20170130 – 01

Elder H1: Not long ago, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid both wanted to crack down on illegal immigration. This begs the question: Were they racist? Larry comments.

Elder 20170127 – 03

Elder H3: Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game PHONE-A-BRO providing a flashback through the week’s events.

Elder 20170127 – 02

Elder H2: Sanctuary cities face defunding by the Federal Government. The Miami-Dade mayor claims that they never considered themselves a sanctuary city. Larry examines.

Elder 20170127 – 01

Elder H1: Larry covers the latest on the injustice that was done to his friend, a tennis analyst fired from ESPN. There are several other instances where people have been fired for misinterpretations. Larry lists some of these.

Elder 20170126 – 03

Elder H3: Larry reviews the Trump interview which occurred with David Muir of ABC.

Elder 20170126 – 02

Elder H2: Tennis analyst Doug Adler comes in studio to talk about recently getting fired from ESPN for alleged racism.

Elder 20170126 – 01

Elder H1: Donald Trump proposes plans to impose a 20 percent tariff in order to pay for the wall. Under this plan, Larry construes that the U.S. taxpayer shall be the one taking up the financial burden.

Elder 20170125 – 03

Elder H3: Larry plays key audio exposing how Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly perform all the good that some claim. Plus, the Spicer press conference speaks to illegal immigration.

Elder 20170125 – 02

Elder H2: Yesterday, in a conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Larry and Hugh found one point of disagreement: Whether or not the Federal Government should be funding infrastructure projects. Larry does some heavy lifting, thus showing the Framer’s original intent. Secondly, a Secret Service Agent says that they won’t take a bullet for Trump.

Elder 20170125 – 01

Elder H1: Larry’s tweet about the Women’s march goes viral. Yet, he explains why he had to take the tweet down. Did Larry get in trouble?

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