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Elder 20170301 – 03

Elder H3: Trump’s speech pledges to deliver on several campaign promises like border security. Callers from around the country weigh in to share their perspectives.

Elder 20170301 – 02

Elder H2: In previous shows, Larry has illustrated the differences he has with President Trump, calling him “a Populist”. This does not make Larry opposed to Trump, instead, he wants to correct him so that he succeeds and pursues Conservatism!

Elder 20170301 – 01

Elder H1: Last night, our new President addressed Congress for the first time. Larry recaps President Trump’s powerful speech.

Elder 20170228 – 03

Elder H3: Larry delves into the details of Health Insurance. Why can government mandate that we buy a product?

Elder 20170228 – 02

Elder H2: Larry speaks with Sam and Kevin Sorbo about being conservative in the film industry and their upcoming movie, Let There be Light. Sean Hannity is the Executive Producer.

Elder 20170228 – 01

Elder H1: Larry presents a video that shows potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness.

Elder 20170227 – 03

Elder H3: The price of lying about your race for political advancement is apparently homelessness…unless you are Elizabeth Warren. Larry announces the sorry state of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader who falsely claimed to be black.

Elder 20170227 – 02

Elder H2: The selection of Tom Perez to head the DNC leaves protesters outraged. Once again, the compassionate Left shows their true colors in the form of rage and profanity.

Elder 20170227 – 01

Elder H1: Larry covers the unexpected ending to an Oscar Ceremony plagued with subtle jabs at Trump.

Elder 20170224 – 03

Elder H3: Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game of PHONE-A-BRO. The two recap the week’s news, while providing some needed comic relief.

Elder 20170224 – 02

Elder H2: Larry reveals the name of the mystery rapper that was on his broadcast this week. Hint: He is a National talk-show host and good friend to Larry.

Elder 20170224 – 01

Elder H1: Larry recaps the Donald Trump appearance at CPAC. Trump tells us we now have a real President.

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