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Elder 20170404 – 03

Elder H3: Father Robert Sirico joins Larry to comment on the immorality of the entitlement state.

Elder 20170404 – 02

Elder H2: Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute stops by the show to discuss the severity of poor immigration policy and sanctuary cities.

Elder 20170404 – 01

Elder H1: On the 1-year anniversary of the Larry Elder Show receiving National syndication, Larry reflects on his radio career as well as thanking his beloved audience for the overwhelming success of the show.

Elder 20170403 – 03

Elder H3: Rachel Dolezal is now promoting her new book. Larry reviews the civil rights activist’s delusional comments.

Elder 20170403 – 02

Elder H2: Leftist comedian and actress Tina Fay speaks out about the significance of swaying the white-female voter for future elections. Larry asks why she refuses to include the black voter in her comments?

Elder 20170403 – 01

Elder H1: Larry comments on the Gorsuch confirmation. Will the Republicans be forced to use the nuclear option to overcome Democratic obstruction?

Elder 20170331 – 03

Elder H3: Larry’s brother Kirk joins Larry to play PHONE A BRO and recap the week’s events with a comedic approach.

Elder 20170331 – 02

Elder H2: Three cities in CA vote to impeach Donald J. Trump. Larry covers the story.

Elder 20170331 – 01

Elder H1: Chris Hayes of MSNBC still has not called Larry back to continue the interview. Larry lists the other guests who have dodged Larry’s questions in the past.

Elder 20170330 – 03

Elder H3: April Ryan and Sean Spicer exchange blows in a press conference. You can imagine who the commentators in the media sided with. Larry plays the audio.

Elder 20170330 – 02

Elder H2: Did Evelyn Farkas confirm that the Obama Administration tapped the Trump Campaign? Larry reviews the assertion made by Farkas earlier this month and evaluates the evidence.

Elder 20170330 – 01

Elder H1: In light of his interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Larry wonders if Hayes might have opted not to continue the interview due to Larry’s hard-hitting line of questions.

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