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Elder 20170126 – 03

Elder H3: Larry reviews the Trump interview which occurred with David Muir of ABC.

Elder 20170126 – 02

Elder H2: Tennis analyst Doug Adler comes in studio to talk about recently getting fired from ESPN for alleged racism.

Elder 20170126 – 01

Elder H1: Donald Trump proposes plans to impose a 20 percent tariff in order to pay for the wall. Under this plan, Larry construes that the U.S. taxpayer shall be the one taking up the financial burden.

Elder 20170125 – 03

Elder H3: Larry plays key audio exposing how Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly perform all the good that some claim. Plus, the Spicer press conference speaks to illegal immigration.

Elder 20170125 – 02

Elder H2: Yesterday, in a conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Larry and Hugh found one point of disagreement: Whether or not the Federal Government should be funding infrastructure projects. Larry does some heavy lifting, thus showing the Framer’s original intent. Secondly, a Secret Service Agent says that they won’t take a bullet for Trump.

Elder 20170125 – 01

Elder H1: Larry’s tweet about the Women’s march goes viral. Yet, he explains why he had to take the tweet down. Did Larry get in trouble?

Elder 20170124 – 03

Elder H3: Larry shows that the DNC candidates will make crazy statements in order to get the new job. Next, a lone Conservative writer, Relentless Bill of the Huffington Post, calls into the show to offer his thoughts.

Elder 20170124 – 02

Elder H2: Hugh Hewitt stops by the Larry Elder Show to talk about a strategy for a lasting GOP majority, which he outlines in his new book: The Fourth Way.

Elder 20170124 – 01

Elder H1: Sean Spicer has become the media’s whipping boy as they coin him a liar. Larry asks why the Democrats are immune from such backlash? Speaking of lies, the infamous fallacy that “Bush lied” us into war is still being echoed. Larry dispels this myth once and for all.

Elder 20170123 – 03

Elder H3: Larry delves further into the topic of women’s rights. Larry asks why several Democrats pay their male employees more than their woman workers. Larry lists some names.

Elder 20170123 – 02

Elder H2: A Saturday Night Live writer tweets comparing Trump’s youngest son to a school shooter. At one of the rallies, Ashley Judd reads a poem comparing Trump to Hitler. Larry takes issue with both.

Elder 20170123 – 01

Elder H1: Larry gives his take on the Women’s March. Plus, the Left has planted a narrative that nobody attended the Inauguration. Is this true? Larry offers some clarity.

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