Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/25/2017

In a special broadcast from the White House Larry spans a width of topics from Maxine Waters to Healthcare, and the Russian collusion epoch.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/25/2017

Broadcasting Live from the White House, Larry hosts a slew of important guests (including Director Mulvaney, Administrator Pruitt, and Marc Lotter).

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/24/2017

Larry is joined by Dr. George Boris to assess Michael Moore’s claim that Cuba somehow has a vibrant Healthcare system. Boris lived in Cuba for 15 years and worked within the system. Listen to hear the truth about the Socialist paradise.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/21/2017

Fred Fleitz joins Rose. He explains that Trump’s advisors are undermining some of his decisions. What effect will this have going forward?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/21/2017

Rose Tennent fills in for Larry, commenting on the Friday news-dump by the White House. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has handed in his resignation.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/20/2017

Today is the anniversary of Apollo 11. Mark pays tribute to the space program in a vibrant discussion asking questions like, ‘what if the astronauts got stuck on the Moon… was there a backup plan?’

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/20/2017

The Juice is loose! After a vote, OJ Simpson’s parole board has decided that he will be released from prison in October. Mark Davis fills in for Larry to comment on the story.

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