Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/06/2020

Monuments: What about Confederate generals who changed after the Civil War; California schools can no longer suspend elementary, middle school students for disruptive behavior; P. Diddy Promotes Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan’s Independence Day Message: “We Can’t Trust White Folks ;” Biden’s latest “gaffe” really wasn’t a gaffe; Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Hatred For America Is The Basis Of The 1619 Project

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/06/2020

Supreme issues ruling on ‘faithless’ electors tampering with presidential election, ruling help Trump; Black female Talk show host addresses black men who have multiple children by multiple women; Ex NBA player says there are many owners who are as racist as ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but will not name names.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/06/2020

Coronavirus deaths per day continue to drop even as cases rise; George Floyd autopsy shows how difficult it will be to convict officer of homicide
Chicago: 14 People Shot In Two Mass Shootings During Holiday Weekend; 14-Year-Old Among Killed; Post George Floyd: Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders;
Media criticizes Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech as “dark”

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/02/2020

Joe Biden Again Falsely Claims He Was Arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela; Lady Traps Robber Inside Store Until Police Arrest Him; Is there hard evidence that masks are effective in stopping the spread of virus; The Cares Act and the illegal alien beneficiaries

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/02/2020

66% of high school students believe America is exceptional, compared to 47% of college students – more favorably than they view Canada, Sweden, Cuba, China, or Russia; A majority of voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia; 60% of younger voters think so; Seattle Police Chief: People Living in CHOP Were Thanking Our Police ‘Profusely’ for Clearing the Area

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/02/2020

What about the uptick in coronavirus; When can the police shoot a fleeing felon; The Trump/Russia/Taliban story has fallen apart–no Trump WAS NOT briefed; Seattle Resident Says He Felt Held Hostage by Antifa, Abandoned by Democrat Leaders; Community Gathers to Support Family of Mother Gunned Down in South Los Angeles; Black Lives Matter– ‘What We Believe;’ Rapper Lord Jamar trashes BLM and George Soros

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/01/2020

Poll: 20% of Democrats Believe Joe Biden Has ‘Some Form’ of Dementia; Democrat Party Begins Demonizing Mount Rushmore, Refers To July 4 Celebration As ‘Glorifying White Supremacy;’ Making money on unemployment; LA CITY COUNCIL MEMBER ANNOUNCES ‘1ST STEP’ IN PLAN TO ‘REPLACE LAPD’

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/01/2020

Ex NBA player Matt Barnes claims Donald Sterling wasn’t lone bigot owner–But won’t name names? Why not; Father Of Black Teen Killed In CHOP: It’s Time To Bring In The National Guard; Wall Street Journal: Los Angeles, a city built on freelancers is crumbling

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