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Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/07/2019

Joel Kotkin joins us to talk about his latest piece. Larry puts Kotkin on the spot. Why doesn’t he like Trump? Tune in to hear his answer.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/07/2019

Larry attended the Turning Point USA Black Leadership summit on Friday. We play you some of Candace Owens’ powerful speech. And on the impeachment front, Democrats are now throwing around the idea of impeaching Pence first… What?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/07/2019

A second whistle blower? Who cares? Larry tells you about all of the news that developed over the weekend and AOC still can’t condemn the proposal to eat babies in order to avert Climate Change.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/03/2019

Hillary says she lost in 2016 because she was ‘too serious. Plus, according to our poll, most Americans think Impeachment is primarily motivated by politics. What do you think?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/02/2019

We cover President Trump’s explosive press conference. And some intelligent life on the Left! Larry plays you the few sane people on the other side that are against impeachment based on the current lack of facts.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/02/2019

The Whistle Blower, Ukraine and more… Larry responds to the Dem’s calls for impeachment with the facts as the media explodes over the President’s choice of words on Twitter today.

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