Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/20/2017

Today is the anniversary of Apollo 11. Mark pays tribute to the space program in a vibrant discussion asking questions like, ‘what if the astronauts got stuck on the Moon… was there a backup plan?’

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/20/2017

The Juice is loose! After a vote, OJ Simpson’s parole board has decided that he will be released from prison in October. Mark Davis fills in for Larry to comment on the story.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/19/2017

Bob Frantz speaks about Michael Vick’s wise words for Colin Kaepernick. From one former QB to another, Frantz explains why the media has overreacted to this decent advice.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 07/17/2017

Medicare & Medicaid—these long term unfunded liabilities are categorically bankrupting our nation. Also, Larry debates callers about the nature of pre-existing conditions in health insurance. Fair or unfair? Take your pick.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 07/17/2017

Larry offers an economic-history lesson to Senator Bernie Sanders. Contrary to Sanders’ skewed outlook, Sweden became a rich nation through the pursuit of a robust free-market. Larry cites the facts.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 07/17/2017

Reporter or commentator? Larry spells out the obvious connection between journalists and the Democratic Party. It should come as no surprise that those who donated to the Clinton Campaign are unable to cover Trump objectively.

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