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Elder 20161202 – 03

Elder H3: Larry’s Signature Phone A Bro featuring his brother Kirk, reviews the week’s news. Meanwhile, two contestants fight for bragging rights for the weekly competition.

Elder 20161202 – 02

Elder H2: A year ago today, terrorists attacked San Bernardino. Larry remembers that dire day with a special tribute to the victims.

Elder 20161202 – 01

Elder H1: Steven Moore, Trump’s top economic advisor comes on the show and illustrates where he agrees and disagrees with Trump’s plan to make America Great Again.

Elder 20161201 – 03

Elder H3: Peter J. Wallison comes on the show to refute Elizabeth Warren’s claims that Wall Street caused the housing crisis of 07 and 08.

Elder 20161201 – 02

Elder H2: Border control testified in front of Congress. Larry cannot believe the reason they cite for not being able to do their job efficiently.

Elder 20161201 – 01

Elder H1: : Larry covers the Carrier deal and notes that all companies in the U.S. should be receiving these incentives to do business. Not just them.

Elder 20161130 – 03

Elder H3: Larry takes calls regarding the flag. Many of these are dissenting views. Also, a caller engages Larry in an informative debate about the minimum wage.

Elder 20161130 – 02

Elder H2: Flag Burning is a form of free speech. This is according to the late Justice Scalia. Larry agrees with the Conservative Icon, not siding with Trump.

Elder 20161130 – 01

Elder H1: Larry covers an exchange between Tucker Carlson and a radio host. The host calls Carlson a White Supremacist. Larry can’t believe it.

Elder 20161129 – 03

Elder H3: Larry takes calls and speaks to the unlikely topic of pizza-gate.

Elder 20161129 – 02

Elder H2: Chuck Douglas stops by the Larry Elder show to give his take on the recent terror attack.

Elder 20161129 – 01

Elder H1: Joel Kotkin comes on the show to share his expertise. Additionally, Larry offers audio from an argument over Fidel Castro’s effects on his country. Larry explains that Castro is responsible for destroying Cuba. Also, Donald Trump tweets about flag burning. Larry delves into this topic as well.

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