Elder 20161104 – 03

Elder H3: : Mark Davis takes calls. These include the staunch differences between Clinton and Trump. Mark agrees with his callers.

Elder 20161104 – 02

Elder H2: : Mark Davis ignites a discussion and takes calls. He welcomes opposing sentiments regarding the election.

Elder 20161104 – 01

Elder H1: Mark Davis fills in for Larry. He plays audio from Trump and Clinton advertisements and gives the latest updates as we approach the final days of the election.

Elder 20161103 – 03

Elder H3: Race is conveyed as a serious problem in America. Larry instead shows that it is not racism but the policies of the Left that are holding people back.

Elder 20161103 – 02

Elder H2: : Larry explains that we need to condemn Trump’s trade plan because of Tariffs. How does protectionism affect us from an economic outlook? Some of Larry’s callers disagree, offering a clear and powerful debate.

Elder 20161103 – 01

Elder H1: The Cubs win the World Series! Larry shares his thoughts regarding the 108 year drought that is now broken. To this extent, Chicago fans are relieved. As a Cleveland fan and previous resident of the wonderful city, Larry has a unique take.

Elder 20161102 – 03

Elder H3: Larry takes calls spanning from race to a woman who used to support Bernie Sanders. She tells Larry she is now voting for Trump. Is this normal?

Elder 20161102 – 02

Elder H2: Trump was accused of making fun of a reporter in the past. Larry shows that this was a misunderstanding. Additionally, Larry covers the latest on the Project Veritas tapes.

Elder 20161102 – 01

Elder H1: Guest J. Christian Adams comes on the Elder show to talk about the latest regarding the Clinton investigation.

Elder 20161101 – 03

Elder H3: Roland Martin recently debated Larry Elder. Larry plays the highlights of this powerful exchange of ideas between the two heavy-weights.

Elder 20161101 – 02

Elder H2: Larry takes calls spanning from slavery to education and everywhere in the middle.

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