Elder 20161111 – 03

Elder H3: Larry offers updates to the Iran Deal and how it still gives America a bad bargain. He compares the deal to the historic enabling of the N. Korean Nuclear Program with the help of Bill Clinton.

Elder 20161111 – 02

Elder H2: Larry plays audio from a debate between William F. Buckley and Saul Alinsky. This staunch contrast portrays both sides of the political spectrum with unmistakable clarity.

Elder 20161111 – 01

Elder H1: The fallout in the wake of the election goes on. Larry offers his take along with the state of the protests. Would any of these protests be taking place if Trump had lost?

Elder 20161110 – 03

Elder H3: Miley Cyrus released a video crying about the election loss. She says that Clinton deserves to be the first woman President. Larry takes calls and offers remarks.

Elder 20161110 – 02

Elder H2: : Dorothy Woods comes on the program to talk about the Benghazi scandal. She shares her views on Hillary Clinton.

Elder 20161110 – 01

Elder H1: After the Trump win, the ensuing days showed several protests. Larry covers the fact that none of this would be happening had Clinton won.

Elder 20161109 – 03

Elder H3: : Larry takes calls with his listeners sharing their take now that the election is over. What will we do going forward?

Elder 20161109 – 02

Elder H2: Celebrities across the board said that they would move if Donald Trump wins the Presidency. Larry holds their feet to the fire. He asks his listeners, do you think they will actually move?

Elder 20161109 – 01

Elder H1: Celebration Time! Larry rings in the victory on 3 fronts yesterday as the Republicans retain the House, the Senate, and capture the Presidency.

Elder 20161107 – 03

Elder H3: The last hoorah before voting day! Larry offers an election preview.

Elder 20161107 – 02

Elder H2: President Obama has received criticism for urging illegal immigrants to vote tomorrow. Did he actually say that? Larry plays the audio from the interview. On a rare occasion, Larry defends the President and shows that he was taken out of context.

Elder 20161107 – 01

Elder H1: : Larry recaps his experiences on the campaign trail last week. He reviews the Trump rallies that he attended in several swing states and spells out Trump’s path to winning.

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