Elder 20170124 – 03

Elder H3: Larry shows that the DNC candidates will make crazy statements in order to get the new job. Next, a lone Conservative writer, Relentless Bill of the Huffington Post, calls into the show to offer his thoughts.

Elder 20170124 – 02

Elder H2: Hugh Hewitt stops by the Larry Elder Show to talk about a strategy for a lasting GOP majority, which he outlines in his new book: The Fourth Way.

Elder 20170124 – 01

Elder H1: Sean Spicer has become the media’s whipping boy as they coin him a liar. Larry asks why the Democrats are immune from such backlash? Speaking of lies, the infamous fallacy that “Bush lied” us into war is still being echoed. Larry dispels this myth once and for all.

Elder 20170123 – 03

Elder H3: Larry delves further into the topic of women’s rights. Larry asks why several Democrats pay their male employees more than their woman workers. Larry lists some names.

Elder 20170123 – 02

Elder H2: A Saturday Night Live writer tweets comparing Trump’s youngest son to a school shooter. At one of the rallies, Ashley Judd reads a poem comparing Trump to Hitler. Larry takes issue with both.

Elder 20170123 – 01

Elder H1: Larry gives his take on the Women’s March. Plus, the Left has planted a narrative that nobody attended the Inauguration. Is this true? Larry offers some clarity.

Elder 20170120 – 03

Elder H3: Larry and his brother play a special Inauguration version of PHONE-A-BRO providing a flashback through the most recent, historic, inaugurations.

Elder 20170120 – 02

Elder H2: Black Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, receives hate mail over participation in the inauguration. Also, Larry covers the infamous, sexist, remarks from anchor Chris Matthews on the new First Lady.

Elder 20170120 – 01

Elder H1: Today marks the day Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Larry provides full coverage of the Inauguration, from Hillary’s attendance, to Justice Thomas’ landmark administration of the oath of Vice President Pence.

Elder 20170119 – 03

Elder H3: In Obama’s final Press Conference, many of the reporters seem to be sucking up to the President. Larry certainly doesn’t remember reporters having this love-fest with George W. Bush in his final days.

Elder 20170119 – 02

Elder H2: Stephen Miller, Larry’ friend who wrote Trump’s RNC speech-as well as the Inauguration speech-has been attacked in an unfounded hit piece. Larry provides some cover for Miller.

Elder 20170119 – 01

Elder H1: Protesters gather outside of the home of Mike Pence to protest his views on gay rights. And as a side note, it just happens to be the final day of the Obama Presidency! Larry is elated! Will Hillary receive a last-minute pardon? Get ready for President Trump.

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