Elder 20161102 – 01

Elder H1: Guest J. Christian Adams comes on the Elder show to talk about the latest regarding the Clinton investigation.

Elder 20161101 – 03

Elder H3: Roland Martin recently debated Larry Elder. Larry plays the highlights of this powerful exchange of ideas between the two heavy-weights.

Elder 20161101 – 02

Elder H2: Larry takes calls spanning from slavery to education and everywhere in the middle.

Elder 20161101 – 01

Elder H1:Larry has Congressman Darrell Issa on the show. The two discuss current events and the wild news cycle in the days leading up to the election.

Elder 20161031 – 03

Elder H3: What have the latest Wiki Leaks revealed? This weekend the group released even more of the infamous John Podesta emails. Larry explains what has been revealed and how this relates to the election along with the hidden corruption of the Clinton campaign.

Elder 20161031 – 02

Elder H2: We delve deeper into the FBI investigation. How are Democrats reacting? Is there Hypocrisy? Larry touches on other issues including Chicago’s horrid murder rate.

Elder 20161031 – 01

Elder H1: Larry discusses the earth-shattering FBI investigation and the latest regarding the ‘Hillary emails’. Now that the FBI has a warrant what will they find?

Elder 20161028 – 03

Elder H3: As usual on Friday, Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature Phone-A-Bro as they have fun with callers but meanwhile providing a light way to review the news of the week. Larry also gives his take on the email investigation.

Elder 20161028 – 02

Elder H2: Special guest Dick Morris comes on the Larry Elder Show and gives his take on the resurfacing email scandal. He also talks about his new book Armageddon.

Elder 20161028 – 01

Elder H1: Today FBI Director Comey has announced that he plans to re-open the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. New emails have surfaced-Ironically through Anthony Weiner-and Larry describes this not as an October surprise, but an October Nuclear BOMB.

Elder 20161027 – 03

Elder H3: Hour 3: Callers engage Larry about the truth about systemic racism. Larry sets the facts straight rattling off the true statistics.

Elder 20161027 – 02

Elder H2: Hour 2: Larry covers the Mitt Romney 47 percent comments from the 2012 election. Was Mitt Romney set up? A recent report suggests so.

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