Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/03/2017

Larry Pratt joins the show to dispel the myths of gun violence. The Left has politicized the Las Vegas shooting in order to fit their agenda. Instead of blaming the shooter, some point to the NRA.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 10/02/2017

Larry delves further into the Las Vegas Massacre. How has Trump reacted? What do we know about the shooter? Larry answers these questions and more as well as offering an update on the state of Puerto Rico.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 10/02/2017

CBS fires a VP that took to social media to trash the victims of the shooting saying, “country music fans often are Republican.” Likewise, Hillary Clinton could not wait even a day before she opted to make this tragedy about politics.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 10/02/2017

Larry sorts through the details from the shooting in Las Vegas that occurred last night. The shooting is the deadliest on record in modern U.S. history.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 09/29/2017

Legend singer-songwriter, Smokey Robinson, explains why the term “black,” is in fact the correct verbiage. Next, Larry and his brother Kirk play PHONE-A-BRO.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 2 09/29/2017

Taking calls, a caller uses a derogatory racial term to attack Larry. Plus, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are once again misguided and derailed. Larry shows why.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 09/29/2017

Secretary Tom Price is out at HHS. Thursday Night Football ratings were down last night, and Larry touches on Colin Kaepernick’s life of luxury. Does a civil rights icon live this way?

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 09/28/2017

“Obamacare is the worst piece of legislation I have ever seen,” says Larry. But it never occurred to Larry, during the Obama years, to not show respect to the flag in order to protest a President that he disagreed with.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 09/28/2017

Larry gives an update on the dire circumstances in Puerto Rico. And brilliant economist, Stephen Moore, joins Larry to talk about Trump’s tax plan.

Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 09/27/2017

NFL stadiums are a massive rip-off to taxpayers. Therefore, the taxpayer seemingly has a right to be concerned with the disrespect that is being shown toward the flag on game day. Larry talks about this and much more.

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