Elder 20170308 – 03

Elder H3: Larry takes calls spanning several topics including race, Healthcare, and Social Security.

Elder 20170308 – 02

Elder H2: The Republicans in Congress remain divided over their new Healthcare plan. Paul Ryan and Mike Lee voice their diverse opinions regarding the power of the Federal Government. Is there anything Conservative about adding another entitlement? Larry answers.

Elder 20170308 – 01

Elder H1: Samuel L. Jackson, Keith Ellison, and Whoopi Goldberg all criticize Ben Carson for his comments on immigration. Of course, none of these characters sounded the same outcry against President Obama’s identical remarks.

Elder 20170307 – 03

Elder H3: When debating the economic price of regulating Healthcare, Larry consults the genius of Milton Friedman. What does he have to say on the matter?

Elder 20170307 – 02

Elder H2: The Republicans roll out their new Healthcare plan. Larry reminds us that a reduction in government regulation and a return to the free market is the only way to save the Healthcare Industry.

Elder 20170307 – 01

Elder H1: Samuel L. Jackson attacks Ben Carson for his comments about slavery and immigration. Did Jackson attack Obama for making the same assertion? Larry explores the raging hypocrisy.

Elder 20170303 – 03

Elder H3: Kirk Elder joins Larry to provide a comical recap of the week’s events.

Elder 20170303 – 02

Elder H2: Colin Kaepernick no longer sees any reason to protest. Does this coincide with the fact that he is now looking for a job? Larry hints that this may be more than just coincidence…

Elder 20170303 – 01

Elder H1: Larry covers the drama surrounding Jeff Sessions. Did the Left hold the Obama administration to the same measuring stick? Larry provides evidence.

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