Elder 20170113 – 03

Elder H3: Maxine Waters refuses to work with Donald Trump unlike how Steve Harvey said he would at the request of his friend President Obama. President of Talledega College is disparaged for having the college band play at the inauguration. Phone A Bro with Kirk Elder.

Elder 20170113 – 02

Elder H2: Steve Harvey meets with Donald Trump on how they can work together to improve conditions in the inner city. Donald Trump’s first press conference was not too far off from how we predicted back in July of 2016.

Elder 20170113 – 01

Elder H1: George W Bush warned about if the United States left Iraq too soon what would happen. Why Barack Obama did not respect the various intelligence agencies that begged and pleaded with President Obama to not pull out of Iraq or that all kinds of bad things would happen. Where was the criticism of President Obama by the media for not respecting the intel on Iraq.

Elder 20170112 – 03

Elder H3: A girl’s suicide on Facebook Live sparks outrage. Larry also talks healthcare with a caller while touching on the media’s connection to the Clinton Campaign.

Elder 20170112 – 02

Elder H2: Seth Meyers Questions Kellyanne Conway on late night. Larry dissects the interview while covering the latest on the hearings.

Elder 20170112 – 01

Elder H1: In a flashback, Larry reminds us of the Lynne Cheney interview with CNN. Larry points out the obvious bias from the network. Also, John McCain tells Buzzfeed why he gave the Trump report to the FBI. Was he trying to undermine the new administration?

Elder 20170111 – 03

Elder H3: In 2012, Larry wrote an article, “The 5 Myths of the Racist Criminal Justice System”. Today, this article remains relevant as the Left is still citing myths in order to further their agenda.

Elder 20170111 – 02

Elder H2: Does racism influence traffic stops? Larry addresses this claim while covering Trump’s rocky relationship with Hollywood. Ben Shapiro proves there is an unquestioned discrimination against Conservatives in Hollywood reminding us that hatred for Trump should come as no surprise. Also, Obama’s legacy-Larry offers his take.

Elder 20170111 – 01

Elder H1: Trump exchanges words with reporters in a press conference calling out BuzzFeed and CNN, titling them as “fake news”. Also, Larry interviews Bill Robinson, the only Conservative columnist from the Huffington Post.

Elder 20170110 – 03

Elder H3: MMA athletes respond to Meryl Streep’s denigration of their sport. Larry covers this angle of the story as it seems everyone is now offended by Streep’s harsh comments.

Elder 20170110 – 02

Elder H2: Years ago, Roman Polanski drugged and raped an underage girl. Meryl Streep applauded for him at the academy awards years after the public gained knowledge of this horrid act. Larry sees some hypocrisy here.

Elder 20170110 – 01

Elder H1: Larry touches on the hypocrisy of Hollywood beyond Meryl Streep. This time it’s Barbra Streisand. She goes on a Trump-bashing tirade while getting her teeth cleaned. Yes, you read that correctly.

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