Elder 20170214 – 03

Elder H3: Larry talks about the minimum wage dispute in Colorado as well as the various stars competing to play the Trump cabinet on SNL.

Elder 20170214 – 02

Elder H2: Chris Ruddy of Newsmax calls in to share his take on the dynamic of Trump and Flynn.

Elder 20170214 – 01

Elder H1: Larry interviews the fearless Joy Villa who wore a TRUMP dress to the Grammys. Plus, Michael Flynn resigns amidst uncovered ties to Russia.

Elder 20170213 – 03

Elder H3: A caller informs Larry that whites are responsible for “terrorism” in North America. Larry unsurprisingly takes issue.

Elder 20170213 – 02

Elder H2: Larry’s friend Stephen Miller was all over the Sunday shows representing the President. Larry touches on this, as well as addressing those who oppose Trump on the basis of morality.

Elder 20170213 – 01

Elder H1: Since the election, the country has been in a state of endless protest. But why? Larry points out Trump’s philosophical similarities with Obama and the Democrats. Plus, the Grammy’s turned political!

Elder 20170210 – 03

Elder H3: Protesters hinder Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, from entering Jefferson Middle School. Larry can’t believe this. Also, Kirk calls in to play their signature PHONE-A-BRO.

Elder 20170210 – 02

Elder H2: Trump’s ideological outlook on several issues matches that of the Democrats. Larry cites Trump’s view of Healthcare, Trade, and Education and asks why the Democrats still so vehemently oppose him.

Elder 20170210 – 01

Elder H1: Larry explores Trump’s options going forth with his Executive Order. What can Trump do to supersede the 9th Circuit decision?

Elder 20170209 – 03

Elder H3: Chris Cuomo compares fake news to ‘saying the N word’. Larry critiques this foul comparison as Cuomo himself apologizes for his dumb remarks.

Elder 20170209 – 02

Elder H2: Phelim McAleer calls into The Larry Elder Show to speak about his book on an abortion Doctor, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.

Elder 20170209 – 01

Elder H1: President Trump’s Executive Order is struck down by the 9th Circuit. Larry reports this piece of breaking news.

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