Elder 20161027 – 01

Elder H1: Hour 1: John Merline from Investors Business Daily comes on the Larry Elder Show to cover the close Presidential Race. The IBD polls show Trump neck and neck, closer than almost any other poll. Could he win?

Elder 20161026 – 03

Elder H3: Hour 3: Larry circles back to the issues regarding Megyn Kelly and the former Speaker of the House. He elaborates on the fact that news sources have refused to give time to the claims against Bill Clinton.

Elder 20161026 – 02

Elder H2: Hour 2: Ed Klein comes on the Larry Elder Show. He touches on his new book about the dishonesty behind the Clintons.

Elder 20161026 – 01

Elder H1: Hour 1: Megyn Kelly and the former Speaker of the House got into a heated debate on Fox News last night. Larry plays the audio and breaks it down. Why is the Left covering the Trump allegations but not Clinton’s?

Elder 20161025 – 03

Elder H3: Last night someone left Larry a message attacking Larry. He defends these claims. Also, a professor leaves UCLA in search of academic freedom.

Elder 20161025 – 02

Elder H2: Larry reports on Johnathan Gruber’s admission that the Health Care Bill was supposed to have rate hikes. Additionally, someone arrested claims that there are drugs in his doughnuts? Larry examines this humorous story.

Elder 20161025 – 01

Elder H1: Larry delves into the Obamacare hikes. Republicans utilize this narrative in attacks against Clinton. Larry weighs in.

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